'From the seed of stillness, form and movement naturally unfold'

Beginning T'ai Chi by Alan Peck

Alan's first book is available as an ebook and may be viewed or downloaded free of charge by current students.  If you have a Gmail account, simply follow the "Beginning T'ai Chi" link for access. 

Natural Way Tai Chi:  Alan Peck

‘Natural Way’ is a level of accomplishment of T’ai Chi Chuan which transcends technique.

Each moment is afresh and cultivating direct, unified awareness of the present moment in T’ai Chi practice, free from preconceptions and the constraints of the conceptual mind, is the Tao of the highest level of achievement.

”If you think there is a method, that is not it”

A sincere and gifted practitioner of Yang style T’ai Chi in the lineage of Dr Chi Tiang Dao and Cheng Man Ching, Alan Peck taught for over thirty years mostly at the Natural Way School of T’ai Chi in Bristol.

Compiled by Tim Parsons, this book organises and presents his notes collected over a period of some 20 years, making for the first time his thoughts and approach to T’ai Chi available to a wider number of students.

With an emphasis on the desired qualities of Spirit (Shen) and mind, the influence of Alan’s deeply committed Buddhist practice is clear.

Dip in to these notes, enjoy and contemplate. These are words of knowledge, words based on a lifetime of dedicated practice and direct perception.

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