'From the seed of stillness, form and movement naturally unfold'

T'ai Chi as we get Older

T’ai Chi is renowned for its positive effect on health. Its effects are so profound and wide ranging that it is difficult to appreciate what a precious gift from the Ancients this exercise is without trying it out for yourself. We recommend an introductory course of six weeks in order to start to appreciate the benefits of T’ai Chi

On the physical level the slow gently movements’ encourage blood and lymph circulation, balancing, regulating and strengthening all twelve major bodily systems.

You will exercise all the muscles of the body in a coordinated and integrated manner. This leads to increased energy, better balance and reduces the risk of falling. As a low impact exercise you will not have to be concerned about injuries to joints. Tai Chi is a perfect way to get moving again, increasing flexibility and mobility, especially if you have not exercised in a long time.

T’ai Chi has emotional benefits also, helping you to be aware of your behaviours and how they affect you and your body. Just slowing down for a short time every day provides tranquil ‘meditation in movement’

Additional benefits include:

• Reduction in any pain
• Reduced stress and anxiety

• lowering cholesterol and blood pressure
• Less pain of arthritis symptoms
• Better lung and heart function

Boosts your metabolism and immunity
• Helps to balance moods and alleviate the symptoms of depression

You won’t know you much better you can feel and how much healthier you can be until you try T’ai Chi for yourself! Please contact us to find out when the introductory course is due to begin.