'From the seed of stillness, form and movement naturally unfold'

Neurostructural Integration Technique®

Neurostructural Integration Technique® (NST) is a skilful bodywork method that enables the body’s innate healing mechanisms to be activated.

NST is essentially a soft tissue therapy designed to release muscle and fascia dysfunction in a manner that is safe for all ages, from new-borns to the elderly. It is often called ‘contextual healing’ because its main aim is to reintegrate the body as a whole. It is for this reason that there are almost no contraindications, essentially rendering the technique useful for a wide range of conditions.
I have benefited greatly from receiving Neurostuctural Integration Therapy and am motivated to assist others to find their own path to better health and well-being.
I have studied directly with Michael J. Nixon-Levy and I am professionally qualified and insured to practice both holistic massage and NST.

For further information, you may download the pdf brochure by clicking on the link below