'From the seed of stillness, form and movement naturally unfold'

An Introduction to the Natural Way Reference  Mindmap

The Natural Way reference mindmap indexes and categorises material collected during both day and weekend courses over a period of nearly 20 years. The courses were taught by Alan Peck at the Lam Rim Centres in Wales and Bristol. The Mindmap follows the Taoist tradition of presenting information at three levels, namely 1) Body, 2) Chi and 3) Shen.

The first level pertains to the physical body in particular the importance of alignment and relaxation; the quality of muscles, ligaments, Jing and precise co-ordination as a basis of achieving integration.

The second level presents information at the level of Chi and its development, including the energetic alignment of the three Tantiens and the Central Axis. The relationship between Chi and Mind (Yi) and mind-spirit (Shen) is discussed.

The third level presents information at the most subtle level of all, that of "mind". The qualities of mind conductive to spiritual development are discussed in some depth, that being a significant focus of Alan's practice and complimentary to his Buddhist studies.

All three levels are inter-related and one can choose to focus ones practice at each level. In the Yang T'ai Chi lineage (and in many Chi Gong systems also) there is a clear progression from working on the physical level as a grounded basis for Chi development and spiritual growth.

According to Dr Chi Chiang Tao there is a higher level, that of "Natural Way", of which, being beyond words and conceptual mind, very little is said.

Alan named his school "Natural Way T'ai Chi in honour of Dr Chi and the aspiration to reach the highest levels of practice.

We are currently working to understand the most appropriate way to share this material. More details will be available in due course.